Your Chance to Catch Lightning in a Bottle

It’s been said that you can only catch lightning in a bottle once in a lifetime. It’s not easy, and it might take a bit of luck, but when it happens – it’s powerful! Juuva is that lightning strike and you won’t want to let it pass you by! Juuva Represents Three Converging Business Trends:

Accelerated Health & Wellness Industry

Accelerated Health & Wellness Industry

First, the accelerating health and wellness industry, powered by millennial spending.

Juuva Economy

YOU Economy

Second, the YOU economy that empowers individuals with never-before-seen opportunities.

Next Generation Opportunity

Next Generation Opportunity

Third, a next generation opportunity in a 180 billion dollar global industry, to create a residual income designed to beat the competition by at least 30%!

It’s a phenomenon like none other! We might be young, but we’re poised to become industry giants. And if you’re ready to catch this lightning, now’s the time—Juuva is post-risk and pre-momentum, meaning that now is the ideal time to join for maximum success!

Your Plan to Prosperity

As a Juuva Distributor, you can live a life with unlimited financial options. Imagine living life on your own terms, having the resources to live your dreams, and being able to say yes to life—before looking at the price tag. By simply sharing the product and introducing others to Juuva, you can transform lives and create an unlimited income.


Earn More

At Juuva, our independent Distributors are our most valuable asset. The Juuva Prosperity Plan was designed to reward them at every stage, from new Distributor to Juuva Leader. With Juuva, you are compensated for both generating product sales volume AND for building a strong organization. Simply put, as you do more, you earn more.

Juuva’s unique prosperity plan rewards Distributors' Sales Volume with four simple and focused bonuses. Each is unlimited in its reward potential.

We use elements of both Binary and Unilevel compensations plans


Sale of Juuva products to customers.


Start your Business fast with a bonus each time your Customers or Distributors enroll with a Product Enrollment Pack.

Multi Leg Bonus


Paid on product sales volume generated by your entire organization.


Paid on Levels or Generations, based on the Binary Bonus earnings from product sales of specific Distributors.

Unlimited Earnings: Levels vs. Generations

Juuva’s Leadership Matching Bonus pays up to 9 Generations of Leaders' sales volume with compression. Juuva’s definition of a Leader is helping others earn money.