Juuva Top Earners


Each year, Juuva takes their Qualifiers to a five-star, all-inclusive, luxurious resort with breathtaking beaches, exciting snorkeling and majestic views. Water sports and unlimited food and drink are also included—it’s truly paradise!

If you’re a qualifying Diamond or above, you’ll also be invited to Diamond Days, which adds two additional days to your Vacation Club experience for ultimate fun and relaxation. Begin your journey to become a coveted Juuva Vacation Club Member and explore the best beaches in the world with us, all expenses paid. It’s a feeling like no other—qualify now and experience a life of luxury.


“Juuva Vacation Club continues to amaze. The Riviera Maya was like a tropical paradise. The Diamond Days were relaxing and gave us time to unwind.” 



At the annual Juuva convention, you’ll have a chance to learn from the industry’s best, get the scoop on exciting Juuva announcements, and mingle with some of the top earners in the company.

You will receive motivation and training for taking your Juuva business to the next level, have time to build relationships and be able to network with other Distributors. It’s an experience you won’t want to miss!


Come meet some of the top business leaders of Juuva and the owners to learn about our great products and great business opportunity.

Our primary purpose is to help individuals, families and communities Transform Their Lives—in their health and in their wealth—by enlisting passionate Distributors in our global movement and cause, all around the world

Juuva is a world-class organization with a unique brand and culture. We invite you to come join us and experience the extraordinary Juuva benefits first hand

Guests are welcome to this event!

Juuva is all about inspiring our Distributors and creating opportunities for exponential financial growth. You’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself!