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At Juuva, we know the recipe for a company that lasts, and we’re using it to transform lives every day. Juuva was built from the ground up to do things the right way—with integrity, passion and a distributor-focused mindset.

Distributors are Top Priority

Our Master Distributor sits on the Board of Directors. This ensures that Distributor needs and concerns are always a top priority and addressed quickly.

Juuva Distributors

We Pay More

We pay a guaranteed 50% of PV to Distributors weekly. We want our Distributors to be successful because we know they are the key to our mutual success.

Juuva Bonus

Be An Owner

Juuva has reserved 30% of the company’s ownership for Distributors. This is unheard of in this industry. Distributors can purchase ownership as a qualified investor or earn it through growth in our compensation plan.

Juuva Be An Owner

Value Focused

All of our decisions are measured against our 15 values, each of which was designed with the Distributor in mind.

Juuva Values
Juuva Values

Successful Management

Our two co-founders possess a wealth of industry experience and expertise and our entire executive team boasts more than 200 years of successful experience with the network marketing space. These individuals set the strategic direction for our company and they will do whatever it takes to provide the finest network marketing opportunity.

Proven Training System

To be successful in Network Marketing, you need a proven, duplicable system. Our system— which is developed by Summit Success—is one of the industry’s most recognized and proven business-building systems. It was developed and is carried out by our top field leaders—people who have demonstrated time and again their ability to create massive success.

Optimal Timing



We are beyond the risky startup phase where companies struggle to stay afloat. We are debt-free and profitable with ample funding for future expansion.


We are still young enough we haven’t entered momentum, the exponential growth that is so coveted in our industry.

New Story


The Juuva name and opportunity are not over-saturated in the market, meaning you’ll likely be the first to tell the Juuva story to your contacts.



We are young enough that we will open the markets our field leaders have contacts in. You will help determine who we become and where we will go.

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