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Michelle S.
Hurricane, UT

Thank you Juuva for the best compensation plan in the industry. Our experience in Juuva has been life Transforming.We are on the path to true freedom and the lifestyle we always dreamed of. Our 4th all-inclusive Juuva vacation in Cancun was the best ever! Thank you also to Summit Success for the best training and tools!

Jeanne B.
St. George, UT

I love the Juuva Builder App- it is the easiest way to show the products and the Juuva business. I have found that people will go back and watch the videos time and time again. Our videos are professional and impressive. They keep people engaged while informing, educating and giving belief in the product.

Carol B.
Twin Falls, ID

I love helping people feel better with Juuva products! People are so grateful to be feeling better. We have been able to help people with pain and energy. They have been super excited to feel so much better. Juuva truly transforms lives! (and we get paid too!)

Clint H
Herriman, UT

I NEVER share this experience with anyone without expressing excitement and educating regarding the benefits and differences offered by this opportunity compared with anything else, network industry or otherwise.

Darrell J
Vernal, UT

We have the best products, comp plan & leadership. The people are good solid folks. Integrity of the company. The business is simple!


Jerry E.
Eagle Mountain, UT

I was introduced to Juuva and the Anion Emitter. My pain level was at an all-time high and once I put on the Juuva Anion Emitter and started drinking Juuva Allwater my pain fell to zero.

Peggy H.
Kemmerer, WY

LOVE- the Juuva Allwater drops. I keep them in my purse at all times and at least I know I am drinking healthier water.

Gloria W.
Vernal, UT

The Juuva Allwater and Juuva Energy Stick have been wonderful, giving me more energy as I carry it with me everywhere I go. Since I can’t carry the Juuva Energy Pitcher with me everywhere I go. The good water has helped me to get off of soda pop, which has been so healthy and my feet no longer swell from drinking soda pop.

Cassie W.
Layton, UT

I love the Juuva Allwater drops! My feet become very sore and when I have Allwater in my water it makes a huge difference in the amount of pain I feel in my feet. It also helps to flush out extra water that my body is retaining.

Karen B.
West Jordan, UT

When I use Juuva Allwater my joints don’t ache and my hands move freely without pain.

Anion Emitter

Levi A.

The Anion Emitter helps me with my back pain.

Caleb L.
Vernal UT

I had broken both bones in my leg just below my knee and was told that with physical therapy it would likely about a year before I could walk/run unassisted. With the Anion Emitter I was back roofing houses in just 4 months. I even fell off a roof two-week s after starting back at work and even though I landed on my feet, I never even got sore.

Tom H.
St. George UT

I had three stints put in my heart in July 2016. The doctor said I could being exercising immediately. Each time I exercised on the treadmill my heart would hurt. My doctor said that was normal and that I just needed to keep pushing it. After putting the Emitter over my heart the pain ceased no matter how hard I pushed myself on the treadmill. I work out regularly and the pain had not returned as long as I wear the Emitter over my heart.

Jeff M.
St. George UT

In November, I had my shoulder (rotator cuff) surgically worked on. I was told prior to going in for surgery that the surgery would bring along with it a lot of pain and a lot of hard work to get the shoulder to return to functionality. When the numbness wore off the day after surgery I was so relieved to find that my shoulder had no pain. I have not had to take any pain mediation and it’s been almost 4 months. I’ve worn 2 Emitters and it has been amazing.

Vicki G.
Nottingham NH

I have used the Anion Emitter on a large dog that has eye allergies. I would wave the Emitter around the eyes and head, within 5 – 10 minutes his eyes would clear up. It got to the point that the dog would come to me to use the Emitter on his eyes.


Astrid V.
Vernal, UT

I had bad skin issues on both of my arms and didn’t know what to do. Juuva BioIntense and Juuva Trusilvr had me fixed up within 3 days.

KJ Webb
Layton, UT

With the weather being so nice- yard work is in the plans. Having spent the last 4 days in the sun, and not applying enough sunscreen my face and neck were looking a little red and hurting. After taking a shower it was a little better, I applied Juuva’s BioIntense to the reddened areas and I could immediately feel relief. I applied again before bed and the redness was gone as was the hurt. Love my BioIntense!

Maria M.
St. George, UT

Juuva BioIntense is my new sunscreen cream for the summer, it is also my wrinkle free facial cream.

Bonita S.

I burn myself occasionally with my curling iron. Since being in this business I use Juuva BioIntense. It relieves pain quickly and burns do not blister. It seems like no big deal but I used to have little burn sores often.

Tyrell J.
Midvale, UT

I had a concerning dry patch on my face for well over a year that wouldn’t get better. I tried many products. After 25 days using Juuva BioIntense it was gone!

Cation Shield

Megan D.
St. George UT

Prepping for the St. George Marathon I was running my last long run. It was 4:30 in the morning. I was on mile 12 out of 20 when I hit uneven ground. I fell and twisted my ankle. Being out of town and by myself I ended the last 12 miles hobbling back to the car on a twisted ankle. With the marathon just 3 weeks away I was devastated. I had spent 7 months training for this. After meeting with a physical therapist, he encouraged me to not run on it. I decided to put Cation Shields in my shoes. Within a week my ankle was almost fully healed. By the time of the marathon it was as good as new. I kept the Cation Shield in my shoes, an Anion Emitter on each hip, Rejuv, Zing, Live and Alkaline water in my system. I ran that race and beat my previous marathon time by 47 minutes. I believe without the Cation Shields in my shoes I would not have healed as quickly.

Dr. Mike K.
Portland ME

I have planter fasciitis. By placing several Cation Shields on the instep of my shoes I find a huge amount of relief from the pain.

Darvette A.
Manteca CA

I enjoy the protection of the cation shield as I ride the BART train during commute hours and everyone has their electronic devices on. I wear the shield on a charm bracelet so I have some protection whether I have my cell phone or not.

Ronald N
Cedar Hills, Utah

I have joint pain for over 27 years. My right knee started to hurt as I would kneel. I put four cation shields in a simple knee brace and wore it every day. The pain in my knee decreased significantly over three weeks where I could final kneel with very little pain. The shields helped reduce the inflammation that had developed in my knee.

James H
Santa Clara, UT

Distributor since December 21, 2014.  2 years 2 months, have not been sick since enrolling in Juuva. My cholesterol down to normal, walk farther and faster with cation shields in shoes.  Add Live and Zing for Bud’s Cocktail.  All products are great for a young 82-year-old.

Energy Cup

Mark H.
Vernal UT

Since starting to give my plants healthy alkalized water, my plants are shiny and seem to grow and flourish like never before.

Mark H.
Vernal UT

I keep the Energy Cup on my station at my barber shop. It acts as a great conversation piece to be able to share the Juuva products with my clients. I get thirsty throughout the day and don’t always have pure water to drink. I fill the Energy Cup with regular tap water, shake it and drink it down. I always feel an energetic sensation immediately go through my body and have an increased amount of energy to work the rest of the day.

Ron B.
Upland CA

I have had severe acid stomach problems for the past 5-7 years. It got so painful that I had been seeing a specialist for several years. A good friend shared the Energy Cup with me. In 4 days of using the Energy Cup my acid was reduced so fast and completely. I began sleeping laying down for several hours without waking. Prior I had to sleep sitting up for only 1-2 hours at a time. My quality of life has gone dramatically up. I’m so grateful for this great product!

David O.
Huntington Beach CA

I no longer experience acid reflex pain since I have been drinking alkaline, ionized water from the Energy Cup.

Crystal B.
Upland CA

Water from the energy cup helped with my morning sickness.

Energy Pitcher

Gloria W.
Vernal, UT

The Juuva Allwater and Juuva Energy Stick have been wonderful, giving me more energy as I carry it with me everywhere I go. Since I can’t carry the Juuva Energy Pitcher with me everywhere I go. The good water has helped me to get off of soda pop, which has been so healthy and my feet no longer swell from drinking soda pop.

Amy H.
Layton, UT

Being so low in iron. One of the biggest issues or problems when you are so low in iron is your blood doesn’t get enough oxygen to the tissues and organs. By drinking my Ionized Alkaline water from Juuva Allwater drops and Juuva Energy Stick as well as my Juuva Energy Pitcher it has helped provide the oxygen to my tissue and organs that my body can’t at this time.

Levi A.

The water from my Energy Pitcher has me feeling new and happy!

Debbie M.
St. George UT

Before I started drinking alkaline water, when I drank water I would feel sick to my stomach. When I drink the water from the Energy Pitcher, I felt no pain or sick feeling in my stomach.

Lauri B.
La Verne CA

I was having digestive problems that were getting worse over a few months. I started drinking water from the pitcher daily and the problem resolved itself. This problem had gotten so bad I saw a doctor and had a upper endoscopy to find out why. This showed no real issue, however I was very uncomfortable daily feeling like something was stuck in my throat and having difficulty swallowing normally.


Lisa E.
Ivins UT

Galaxy tastes great and keeps me healthy!

Melanie F.
Chino CA

Used Galaxy morning and night when coming down with the flu. Over with it in 2 days!

Phyllis J
Vernal, Utah

The galaxy Travel Pack makes traveling easy. The glass bottle would not be easy to carry on a plane. The Galaxy Packs let me simply pack them in my suitcase. I stay healthier with my daily 3/4 or 1oz of Galaxy every day.

Jason S
Hurricane, Utah

Was hospitalized in Hong Kong for a severe MSG poisoning. I have been ill for two years with chronic brain fog and heart palpitations. After six weeks of taking Galaxy three times a day and starting every day with Bud’s cocktail I have my focus back with zero brain fog and my heart palpitations are 95% gone. I now feel better than I did in my 20s.

Maria M
St. George, UT

Galaxy has given me the health needed for a great recovery after surgery.  I had 2 oz. of Galaxy every day for two weeks’ consistency before surgery.  After surgery my pain and recovery was excellent.  No opiates needed.  Galaxy and the Anion Emitter did it.


Megan D.
St. George, UT

Every morning I take Juuva Live. Getting the nutrition my body needs each day keeps me feeling great and my body functioning at full capacity daily. I love it!

Travis D.
St. George, UT

By implementing Juuva Live into my diet on a daily basis, I have been able to lose over 40 lbs. this year! By taking it at 4:30 every day it not only helps me have the nutrients needed for my workouts but suppresses my appetite during the evening. My body has what it needs so I don’t crave the junk I used to.

Carol B.
Twin Falls ID

We ran out of Live between Autoships and I had heartburn and other stomach issues again. When I got back on Live I didn’t have heartburn or stomach issues. I love Live!

Dan F.
Easton ME

I had an inflamed stomach from food allergies. After using alkaline water and Live for just a few days my stomach pain was gone and I have not had stomach pain since. Thanks Juuva!

Mary A.
Chicopee MA

I suffer from depression. Taking meds seemed to manage it somewhat but not totally. The meds make me very drowsy and I would end up sleeping 10 to 12 hours a day. Not good when trying to manage my life. Even with meds my life was up and down. Still couldn’t work a full day, extreme anxiety, crying at nothing. I began to use Live daily about 14 months ago, it has given me my life back. The probiotics, vitamins and nutrients in the Live provides me with what I had been missing for years. 2016 has been my most productive year in a decade. 2017, I can’t wait!


Megan D.
St. George, UT

I used to have a serious craving for caffeine during the mid-afternoon. Now I take Juuva ReJuv around lunch time, it helps me with the energy to get through the afternoon without adding soda into my day.

Brian H.
Rawlins, WY

Juuva ReJuv has helped me intensify my life. I have also been grateful for it. Has helped me kick drinking Mtn Dew and Energy drinks. It has ReJuv’ed my life. Thank you Juuva!

Brenda E.
Eagle Mountain, UT

I’m 75 years old and Juuva ReJuv and Juuva Zing help me to stay in the program and to get to the end of every day and still have energy.

Mike L.
Newport Beach CA

Rejuv definitely works and I have noticed no side effects. If I have some really long days just one or two has made a difference.

Jeff F.
Aiea HI

When I worked in the oil fields of North Dakota I used Rejuv and Zing on an almost daily basis so I could work for 20 to 40 hours a shift with almost no sleep. The other guys that would do energy drinks couldn’t keep up we me.


Jerry E.
Eagle Mountain, UT

I was introduced to Juuva and the Anion Emitter. My pain level was at an all-time high and once I put on the Juuva Anion Emitter and started drinking Juuva Allwater my pain fell to zero.

Melissa L.
Vernal, UT

Juuva Trusilvr not only helps us, it can help our pets too. My dog, Gordy started limping one day and when I checked him over I found one of his paws, in between his toes was very red and swollen. We assumed he stepped on a bee, but to be certain I was going to take him to the vet the next day. That night, I sprayed some Trusilvr on his paw. The next morning I noticed he was not limping. I checked his paw and the sore was completely gone. No redness, no swelling and no trip to the vet.

Mark H.
Vernal, UT

One of the most difficult things I have been through on a daily basis, has been having seasonal aliments. With every season comes a different allergen. From pollen in the spring, to mold and mildew in the fall and winter. I couldn’t get rid of this runny nose and eyes. If one of my customers at the barber shop was a dog or cat owner, it would send me into a frenzy. Last September after the Juuva conference and the launch of Trusilvr, I had the idea come to start using the Trusilvr by spritzing it up my nose. I did this for several months and the result has been NO MORE SEASONAL ISSUES! Thank you Dr. Pedersen, thank you Trusilvr and thank you Juuva for taking away this very bothersome health challenge.

Lori M.
Pleasant Grove, UT

Got a sinus infection and a friend had me use Juuva Trusilver as a nasal spray, the green was none in a day and half.

Astrid V.
Vernal, UT

I had bad skin ailments on both of my arms and didn’t know what to do. Juuva BioIntense and Juuva Trusilvr had me fixed up within 3 days.


Jenna N.
Clearfield, UT

I love that Juuva Zing gives me the energy, I need to get through my workouts everyday. Zing makes a huge difference in my stamina and energy level.

Brenda E.
Eagle Mountain, UT

I’m 75 years old and Juuva ReJuv and Juuva Zing help me to stay in the program and to get to the end of every day and still have energy.

LevI A.

Zing gives me all the energy to hit the gym each day!

Mac W.
Oakland ME

Usually when snow falls or raking time in the spring means the next day my body hurts, sometimes in places I had forgotten I still had. I now take a Zing before going to do the physical labor and when I come in I drink a Live. Some days I have Zing and Live a couple of times a day…and always with my alkaline water. I find I have less discomfort or no discomfort in my stomach, back or legs.

Cristina C.
Fontana CA

Although I use all of the products every day, I can’t go through my day without my Zing. I work very long hours and do so much walking I feel like I do a 50-mile marathon every day. As I’ve gotten older it gets harder and harder to do things. Then I found Juuva! Thanks to Zing I can continue to do my job. It not only gives me energy, but keeps my mind sharp even at wee hours of the morning. I never leave my house without it!

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