Juuva is committed to the success of every one of its independent Distributors. Accordingly, Juuva provides every Distributor with access to all the training, tools, inspiration, and borrowed experience of industry leaders necessary to optimize his or her personal potential…to achieve the SUMMIT of their personal SUCCESS.

And so was born SUMMIT SUCCESS, the unique and unequaled training program available to all Juuva Distributors. Created by the most successful individuals in our industry, and organized into a systematized approach, simple enough to be understood by all and profound enough to guide everyone to personal wealth.

Summit Success relies on field proven and time tested materials and approaches so that you will not have to rely on homemade materials, innate ability or dumb luck.


Juuva’s Training, as designed, administered, and supported by the Summit Success organization is your success assured. If you are new to network marketing, Summit Success will train you in such questions as:

  • What do I do my first week? What are the six steps getting started?
  • Where do I find people to introduce to Juuva products and Juuva’s earning potential?
  • How do I present Juuva most effectively?
  • How do I best demonstrate Juuva products?
  • How do I explain the superior compensation of the Juuva Prosperity Plan?
  • How should I dress for personal credibility?
  • How do I best respond to questions?
  • What are the vocabulary “no-no’s” I should avoid?
  • How do I enroll new Juuva Distributors and Customers?
  • How I encourage Auto-ship participation?
  • What is effective follow through?

And if you are an experienced networker, then Summit Success will give you advance training to assure you are always the professional leader aspire to be:

  • How do I best invest in my own continuing personal development?
  • What should my goals be and how do I achieve them?
  • How do I use Summit Tools for effective communications with my organization?
  • How do I best allocate my time across the needs to my organization?
  • How do I teach maturity and leadership to my organization?
  • How do Juuva Values infuse loyalty into my organization?
  • What are the drivers of accelerated growth?
  • What are the statistical needs of an organization so as to exist in perpetuity for the benefit of my posterity?


Juuva’s Summit Success system has only one objective: your optimal success as a Juuva Distributor. That’s it. Nothing else.

Unlike other systems, Summit Success does NOT exist:

  • to enrich any one group of Distributors, or
  • to perpetuate the leadership role of any Distributor or group of Distributors within Juuva, or
  • to commercialize pet training materials or tools recycled from the past
Costs have been kept to a minimum. All subscriptions are used 100% for the development of the industry’s finest results oriented training. The first month access to all Summit Success materials is only $1. Juuva pays the balance.

Click here to for a full description of Summit tools and benefits which are yours to browse and use with our restrictions during your first month.

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