Schizandra Extract

Schizandra- hasbeen used in Chinese Medicine for over 2000 years and has been verified by modern research to have pretty amazing health enhancing effects on the body. It’s been shown to be one of the most well-balanced daily maintenance, or “tonic” herbs in existence, providing multi-organ support and an array of benefits.
Schizandra also has a dual-directional function on the central nervous system, meaning that it can act as a stimulant when you need a lift, yet also serve as a mild sedative you when you are overstimulated due to nervousness, anxiety, etc. The stimulation derived from schizandra is not anything like you’d expect from coffee or caffeinated beverages. It is a balanced boost and does not cause the jitters or nervousness at all. Schizandra is completely caffeine free.
Schizandra seems to stimulate the production of the antioxidant glutathione, which prevents damage to cells caused by intense physical activity, among other stressors.

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