Juuva’s Prosperity Plan—the name speaks for itself.

Our Prosperity Plan is our compensation plan built from the ground up to be the ideal compensation plan for our Distributors. We called it the Prosperity Plan because prosperity is exactly what it’s able to create.


Start earning $300-$500 a month in just a few months.

How could that extra money make all the difference?

  • Make a payment for a needed vehicle
  • Pay off a credit card
  • Add a needed service
  • Afford a favorite hobby or pastime
And that’s just the beginning of the growth you can experience. You can turn your efforts sharing Juuva’s products and recruiting others into meaningful residual income to last you a lifetime. It’s simple, but it has the power to Transform Your Life.


Here’s how the Prosperity Plan is different:

  • It’s fair and unlimited. Every bonus is available to every Distributor from the moment they join, and income potential is never capped. And every bonus is directly connected to the basics of building your business. When you know exactly what your efforts will earn you, you’ll be able to drive your income potential with total control.
  • It offers both early income and wealth creation. Most other companies can only offer one or the other. Their compensation plans just aren’t built to allow for both. At Juuva, Distributors are able to build their income quickly, and continue to build it reliably as the years pass by.
  • It’s a level playing field. The one millionth Juuva Distributor will have the same incredible income potential as the very first Juuva Distributors do today.
  • We look for every opportunity to generously reward you. That’s part of putting our Distributors first. You are the focus of our business. You are leading the way.

For United States of America
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Income Disclaimer: Juuva does not guarantee any level of income earnings to any Distributor. Success with Juuva results only from successful product sales efforts, which require hard work, diligence and leadership. Your success will depend upon how effectively you exercise these qualities. We’re committed to doing the right thing and following good business practices, as well as all laws regulating our industry.

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