Hear from those that have achieved the success you are working towards.


Gain new insight and perspectives on personal development and how it will benefit your Juuva business, your personal life, and accelerate your success.


The product knowledge, business information and personal insights will impact the legacy you want to achieve.


Regional Events

The Accelerate Regional Events lived up to all that was expected and much, much more! Extreme excitement was felt by all! Even though each event was slightly different the message was the same…now is the time, Juuva is the company, and anyone who follows that proven system can achieve success.

"I wanted to share how fired up I am upon returning from the Utah Accelerate event! I have had queries and will get to each of you shortly but I will not do it justice the way it is when you are in attendance at one of these forums as those will know who have attended others. I draw the analogy between watching a musical on TV versus experiencing it live in a theater! There is NO comparison. Being in the midst of our amazing Leadership team including Founders Grant and Susan Pace and Master Distributors Jeff and Denise Bracken along with the rest of our Juuva Executive Corporate team is beyond inspiring. Compliment that with the brilliance of our world renown Dr. Pedersen followed by many of our Distributor Colleagues articulating their personal experiences with this outstanding product combination and you return to your business with so many tools and tips you won't want to sleep! Jeff brought so much importance to the momentum gained in our business when we commit to participating in a schedule where we are taking action daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/annually including attending regional events and the annual convention. This was a 360-degree development for me, meaning, I learned from those on stage and those around me in the audience that I had the opportunity to speak with. I witnessed the impact on 2 folks who had not been at a live presentation and left me realizing how impactful these events truly are! Our extraordinary Juuva leaders create these for us as they have already achieved great success and genuinely want us to experience the same. There is no question I have made the right decision to join this business! If you have obstacles blocking your progress reach out to your upline. Timing is absolutely paramount in reaching momentum! We have the best leadership in the industry, best products and tools to deliver so the only element left is YOU! Remember, we are post risk and pre-momentum."

-Brenda D.

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