We live in a busy time where unfortunately, many people resort to buying unhealthy or highly processed on-the-go foods. MegaLean is an all-natural, gluten free, low calorie, Keto friendly meal replacement shake that is a simple and healthy alternative.

4 High-Quality Proteins

Whey, soy, brown rice, and pea.

Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs)

An alternative source of energy for the brain, helps reduce body fat, while making it easier to gain lean muscle.

Organic Blue Agave Inulin

Known as natures “super fiber”, is a highly effective prebiotic that helps promote a healthier digestive system.



MegaLean harnesses the power of 4 high-quality proteins for amazing health benefits.



As long time shake consumer, MegaLean keeps me feeling full for at least 3 hours, mixes well , tastes great with a bold vanilla flavor and is great with fruit, cocoa or any of the other Juuva powder products. Mega Lean is a winner. Great meal replacement.

Mark C


Well, I have really never tried to diet because if I say that word "Diet" all I can think about is food. Most of my life I skip a meal or two a day and just eat junk food. Sometimes I do not eat all day and just eat chips or something at night. What I have been doing with the product is replacing most of the junk and actually using the new product as a meal replacement. I do not crave my usual junk diet as much. The new product seems to satisfy my junk food craving. Most days I have Live & Zing with my alkaline water for breakfast, whatever I want for lunch, and make a MegaLean shake as my evening meal. I have actually lost 4-5 pounds and one inch around my waist.

Bonita S


I love Mega Lean!!! It’s a great tasting, convenient, and filling shake for my on the go lifestyle. I have tried so many different kinds and I was blown away with how low in calories and natural it is compared to others!

Breanna K


I usually make a smoothie for lunch with MegaLean and my favorite fruits and spinach. Yes, it keeps me full until dinner. I like the way I feel - instead of a heavy meal, it feels better to have the shake and still be satisfied.

Lisa E


My breakfast of champions…a shake with MegaLean, Live, NutraHG, Zing and alkaline water. Keeps me full and focused until lunch every day.

Dennis D.


After the first two days, I was still hungry after having the shake I now feel full after drinking it. And yes, weight is coming off each week so that is always a huge plus. Last week was 4 pounds for me which I usually have a hard time in dropping more than 2 a week. So far so good, I am excited to keep seeing the results as time goes on!

Megan D


My husband & I have saved a significant amount of money by replacing our lunch with a MegaLean shake. By itself or with adding in other fruits, vegetables or proteins this shake is significantly cheaper than the $10 we each spent every day eating out at lunch. And it’s much healthier!

Beth W


I’m so excited about MegaLean. The biggest thing I noticed was that it help me lose belly fat. Meal replacements save me a ton of time when my day is packed and help me to not overeat! The texture is absolutely smooth, unlike any protein drink I have ever tasted!