Lactase is an enzyme that hydrolyzes milk sugar (lactose) into its component parts, glucose and galactose, and assists in the digestion dairy products such as, ice cream, milk and cheese. Nutritionists estimate that 10-20% of the U.S. population is lactose intolerant, meaning they have an inability to break down lactose in many of the dairy products they eat.
Lactase is an enzyme found in the human body that acts like an agent that decomposes disaccharide lactose and milk sugars. This enzyme is extremely crucial because it assimilates milk sugars, and without it the body couldn’t have any benefits from dairy products.
Lactase divides lactose into its main components, galactose and glucose, and assists the digestion of dairy products. People who lack lactase from the body are known to be lactose intolerant, since there is no other substance to break down the dairy products ingested. Thus milk, that contains the highest level of lactose, will reach the colon undigested where it will be fermented by bacteria and it will produce hydrogen, organic acids and carbon dioxide.
The main benefit of lactase is its power to break down lactose molecules and dairy products. This encourages the assimilation of vitamins and nutrients present in milk which improve immunity and increase body strength. When the organism stops producing lactase, dairy products will not only lose their nutritive power, but they will even become harmful.
People who suffer from lactose intolerance should consider taking synthetic lactase. It is can be easily found in drug stores and it can successfully replace natural substances. After taking lactase, those who can’t digest milk will see an increase in the resistance to intestinal infections, a boost in energy and also a better development and growth in children.

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