Frankie Kiow

Frankie Kiow is a Co-Founder of Juuva together with Grant Pace.  He is a member of the Juuva Board of Directors and leads from Shanghai Juuva’s preparations to formally enter China.

Frankie has more than 31 years direct sales and networking experience in Asia.

Frankie has an unequaled depth of knowledge of direct selling in China.  He has served as a special advisor to the China government since 1993, and was a draft reviewer of the current regulations for Direct Selling prior to reopening China to Direct Sales in 2004.  Together with Grant Pace, he has helped secure Direct Selling Licenses in China for four of the current seven US companies with government granted licenses in China.

His leadership positions include:

  • President Longrich International, Hongzhou, China

  • President Joymain (Zhong Mai), Nanjing, China

  • President Direct Sales, Orient Life, Guangzhou, China

  • President Winalite, Guangzhou, China

  • President Nu Skin China, Shangahai, China 1999-2008

  • President of Sara Lee China, personal card division, 1995- 1998

  • Senior Vice President of AMC Limited based in Singapore, 1992 -1994

  • Managing Director of Electrolux from 1980 – 1991 based in Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong respectively.

Other China responsibilities, achievements and honors include

  • Recently named among the Most Influential Contributors to Direct Selling in China.

  • CPPCC Member, Fengxian District, Shanghai, China

  • Chief  Consultant, China Direct-Selling Research Center, Nanjing University, China

  • Special Professor, Nanjing Economic University, China

  • Member of Overseas Entrepreneurs, Central Party School, China

  • Vice President, Cosmetics Chamber of Commerce, China Industrial & Commercial Associations

  • Vice President, Foreign-Invested Enterprises Associations, Fengsian District, Shanghai, China

Frankie has a B.S. Degree from Singapore Nanyang University (1980) where he majored in Economics, graduating with Honors.

His commitment to entrepreneurship and his vison of what can yet be drives the opportunities he is creating for Juuva Distributor’s in China.  A dear friend to all, he has imbued Juuva with his personal traits of integrity, loyalty, and good humor.

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