Craig Dalley
Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Craig Dalley is the newest member of the Juuva Executive Team.  He has been hired to be Juuva’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. His responsibility is to increase revenue and enrollments by developing strategies, programs, tools, and opportunities for Juuva Distributors.

Mr. Dalley became interested in working seriously with Juuva after a friend suggested that he do some consulting work for them. “This opportunity gave me a first-hand look at the inside workings of Juuva,” Mr. Dalley said. “I was able to kick the tires and take it for a test drive, so to speak, and I liked what I saw. The timing, leadership, culture, field leaders and values of Juuva make this a great fit and a great opportunity for me.”

Mr. Dalley has 23 years of successful corporate network marketing experience under his belt. “Mr. Dalley’s previous industry experience has proven immensely successful, and he is an incredibly accomplished man,” said Mr. Grant Pace, Juuva CEO and Co-Founder. “I am overjoyed that he is bringing his expertise to the Juuva family, and I’m excited to see Juuva flourish with him on joining our fabulous team.”

Mr. Dalley is a graduate of Brigham Young University.


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