B Longum

B. Longum works in the colon to ferment a wide variety of sugars into lactic acid. By creating an acidic environment with a low pH balance, harmful bacterial agents are unable to live or grow. It is thought that bifidobacterium longum lives in such high quantities in the colon because it is able to break down and release energy from certain substrates which are not broken down by other probiotic bacteria in the intestines. Because bifidobacterium longum is aerotolerant (able to grow in the presence of oxygen), it is considered to be more versatile than other Bifido species.
Bifidobacterium Longum works as a scavenger organism, finding and catabolizing pathogenic agents which make it through the upper GI tract. It scavenges free radicals and neutralizes them.
Longevity may also be increased through supplementation of this helpful bacteria. Some strains of bifidobacterium longum have been demonstrated to have an antioxidative effect on radical oxidative agents known to contribute to ageing and age-related disease processes.
As a probiotic, bifidobacterium longum works to inhibit and decrease inflammation within the body. In the colon, bifidobacterium longum produces enzymes to digest materials which would otherwise putrefy and cause inflammation or other disease processes.

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