Dr. Gordon Pedersen Named Juuva Enterprises Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Gordon Pedersen (Ph.D., N.D., FAPWCA, FAARM), a long-time expert in the health and wellness industry has officially signed as the new Chief Scientific Officer of Juuva Enterprises. Gordon Pedersen is a highly sought after educator, speaker and formulator and has successfully developed over 150 wellness products,” says Founder and CEO Grant F. Pace. 

Dr. Gordon Pedersen (Ph.D., N.D., FAPWCA, FAARM), a long-time expert in the health and wellness industry has officially signed as the new Chief Scientific Officer of Juuva Enterprises. Along with a Ph.D. in Toxicology, Dr. Pedersen has also earned a Ph.D. in Immunology, and holds an N.D. or Naturopathic Doctor degree. He is a seven-year veteran the US Military Special Operations Medical Association and is a world-renowned expert on the use of silver for health. “I have never seen a company better positioned to become a long-standing success,” states Dr. Pedersen. “That’s why I’m excited to take on this new role and make Juuva my permanent home. “ “Doctor Pedersen is a well-known expert that has worked with some of the leading health and wellness companies. He is a highly sought after educator, speaker and formulator and has successfully developed over 150 wellness products,” says Grant F. Pace, Juuva Founder and CEO. “We are thrilled to have someone of Dr. Pedersen’s caliber become our Chief Scientific Officer. I’ve been around the health and wellness industry a long time and I’ve never seen anyone this talented take on this important role. We’ve enjoyed Dr. Pedersen as a member of our Scientific Advisory Board and this new role will allow him to impact Juuva in a more significant way, “ continues Pace. As a Toxicologist mentored by Doctor Jonas Salk, the inventor of the polio vaccine, Gordon Pedersen understands traditional medicine and uses his exceptional background to help doctors and lay people alike find a better way to health. “We couldn’t be more excited for Dr. Pedersen. He has a unique talent for making complicated subjects simple for the average person to understand and act on. As Chief Scientific Office

About Juuva Enterprises

Juuva Enterprises, Inc. is a global Health and Beauty Direct Selling Company with its US headquarters located in 807 East Pacific Drive Suite C American Fork, UT. Juuva’s mission “Transform Lives” and “Take Health to the World.”

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Water is primarily used as a solvent (substances, usually liquids, that are used to dissolve other substances.) in cosmetics and personal care products in which it dissolves many of the ingredients that impart skin benefits, such as conditioning agents and cleansing agents. Water also forms emulsions in which the oil and water components of the product are combined to form creams and lotions. These are sometimes referred to as oil-in-water emulsions or as water-in-oil depending on the ratios of the oil phase and water phase. 

Ubiquinone Coenzyme Q10

Ubiquinone (Coenzyme Q10) is an enzyme produced naturally in the human body found in every cell. It is involved in a number of biological functions including helping to produce energy, neutralizing free radicals an keeping cells healthy. With age and stress the level of CoQ10 in the skin lower resulting in a lesser ability to produce collagen, elastin and other important skin molecules. CoQ10 is a small molecule that can penetrate the skin easily making it an ideal product to be used topically to increase the CoQ10 to maintain healty cell function and collagen production.

Green tea extract Camellia Olefera

Green tea is naturally rich in antioxidants. The polyphenols in green tea help neutralize harmful free radicals, which can cause premature aging. Catechins in green tea are antibacterial agents that help fight acne-causing bacteria. The antioxidants and tannins in green tea help treat puffy eyes and dark circles. Green tea contains EGCG one of the most formidable antioxidants discovered to date. EGCG helps treat acne and has incredible anti-inflammatory abilities. It heals aged dry skin and helps to lighten age spots.

Bergamont Oil

Bergamot is a natural antibiotic and disinfectant, so adding it to any skin care formula helps ward off microorganisms—no need for potentially dangerous, chemical preservatives. In addition, this antibacterial action makes the oil great for those with acne, as it helps to kill the bacteria on the skin before it can react to create blackheads and pimples. Bergamot has an added property of helping to control excess oil production in the skin, attacking acne from two sides.
Like many natural oils, bergamot is also an antiseptic, meaning that it encourages wound healing and skin regeneration.

Cranberry Extract

Cranberry Extract known to be excellent for its anti-ageing properties, a cranberry face pack is easy to make and also keeps your face shining and glowing.
The acid in cranberries acts as an exfoliant and vitamins like A and C help boost collagen production. Cranberries also fight free radicals that may cause wrinkles and also keeps your skin moisturised. For centuries, cranberries have been valued for the medicinal, antioxidant properties and anti-ageing benefits. It enhances cell power, defends your skin against environmental damage due to high concentrations of antioxidants such as vitamin C, B and B-5. Because of its amazing capabilities to protect the skin, cranberry is also among winter treatments to protect your skin against harsh winter conditions.

It is beneficial for all skin types but those who have damaged and rough, dull skin can reap huge benefits as it is used as a potent antiseptic and to brighten your skin’s appearance as well.

Tangerine Oil

Tangerine Oil has cytophylactic properties, which is a fancy word meaning that it can stimulate the generation and growth of new cells. This property of tangerine oil makes it especially useful for aging or mature skin that needs rejuvenation and can also help speed up the healing of skin damaged by burns.

Retinyl acetate

Retin-A and retinols are all a type of Vitamin A. This product contains a small amount of natural Vitamin A to give the skin a little Vitamin A boost. Vitamin A stimulates the dermis where collagen, elastin and the blood vessels are. This stimulation reduces wrinkles and increases blood flow to the skin. It also aids in exfoliation which creates a more even tone in the skin. Vitamin A decreases the clustering of melanin granules. The clustering results in brown spots on the skin. Vitamin A helps to reduce these brown spots. Vitamin A decreases sebum production which reduces and treats acne beautifully.
These tiny molecules have the ability to penetrate the outer layers of the skin and are able reach and to repair the lower layers of the skin. It increases the cell turnover by promoting the upper dermal lay to shead which produces new cells below. This sheading and producing cycle increases the production of collagen. Retinyl acetate is considered an exfoliator but a gentler form than retinol.

Nano Gold

As far as skincare is concerned, gold is said to minimize collagen depletion and boost elasticity. It helps to even out skin tone and brighten the skin. Gold nanoparticles used in the preparation are ~200 nm in size, largely spherical or facetted. They are synthesized under controlled conditions from H2AuCl4 in water using trace amounts of citric and tannic acids as reducing agent. There is a vast literature on the toxicology of gold nanoparticles because these materials are of use in drug delivery and medical imaging.

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