ADPT Eleuthero (Siberian Ginseng)

Eleuthero, which is known in the United States as Siberian ginseng, has been used for centuries in China and Russia. Although a distant relative of American and Asian ginsengs (Panax sp.), with some overlap in its uses, Siberian Ginseng is a distinct plant with different active chemical components. Prized for its ability to restore vigor, increase longevity, enhance overall health, and stimulate both a healthy appetite and a good memory, it is widely used in Russia to help the body adapt to stressful conditions and to enhance productivity.
Eleuthero is classified as an adaptogenic herb, a truly sophisticated and powerful group of plants. Unlike so many herbs, these adaptogens seem to work subtly with the body in a systemic way to increase your overall health. They are known for helping your body adapt to changes in the environment.
Eleuthero is such an important, complex, safe and powerful adaptogenic herb, Chinese herbalists also called it “The King of the Adaptogens”.
Eleuthero seems to help you contend with stressful living in several ways:
Eleuthero seems to help your body adapt to stress and makes your stress response more efficient.
Eleuthero seems to strengthen your memory and help you stay clear-headed even when you’re under pressure.
Eleuthero helps you enjoy sustained energy over the long-term without the jitters or energy roller coasters of stimulants like caffeine.
Now, to be clear, eleuthero cannot get rid of the sources of stress in your life. However, by strengthening your body, energizing you and helping you stay calm under pressure, eleuthero gives you powerful support for contending with the problems of modern life.
Eleuthero contains remarkable compounds that favorably affect the adrenal glands, the small glands that rest atop the kidneys and secrete stress-fighting hormones. Taking the herb is believed to boost the body’s capacity to handle physical stresses ranging from heat exposure to extreme exertion. Resistance to disease increases as well. So does one’s overall energy level.
Combat fatigue and restore energy. Eleuthero is popular for invigorating and fortifying the body. It appears to boost energy levels in people with constant exhaustion. Those recovering from an illness or weary from a heavy work schedule may also benefit from its energy-boosting and immune-enhancing powers.

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